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  • Paramount Capital was founded in 1997 as a boutique investment firm specializing in private securities transactions in national and international companies.
  • Paramount Capital is involved in financial sourcing, capital structuring, private placements, acquisitions and spin-offs. Industries served include software, high-technology companies, financial products and services, banking, commercial aircraft rebuilding, airport management, train technology, oil pipeline transportation, and commercial construction.
  • Paramount Capital is also a commodity buyer/reseller, specializing in fuel oil sectors, especially, but not exclusively, Diesel and Jet Aviation fuels.
  • With more than 15 years experience in international transactions, we bring professionalism and integrity to our partners and clients.



We view our clients as our partners, and we work together to achieve specific, measurable goals. Our vision is our single-minded focus on service that allows us to deliver exceptional value our clients, our partners, and our investors. We strive to conduct ethical business with integrity, honor, and fair dealing with all partners, affiliates, and clients.


Paramount’s mission statement is the foundation of our service offerings. It is our privilege to serve our clients by offering our resources and expertise to enable their missions and goals. Our mission is to earn our customers' loyalty by indentifying and clearly understanding their needs, then proactively creating measurable value for them. Like all great companies, we want to be known for our extraordinary client service, integrity, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, and exemplary leadership.


Paramount’s values are implicitly represented in our work and interactions with our customers, partners, and the global community. Based on the proverbial Golden Rule, we strive to offer the level of service and integrity that we ourselves would wish to receive.​